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Transatlantic Symposium                                            
June 22 & 23, 2023

Orthopedic Trauma Innovation = Mentorship x (Drive)^2

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Celebrate innovations in the field of Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery. 

The Transatlantic Symposium 2023 offers a variety of lectures, demonstrations and workshops on the newest trends in surgery. There are speakers from Boston, Groningen, and more...

Most importantly, we are combining fields and knowledge to answer questions such as:

What will the future of orthopedic and trauma surgery look like?

What place does technology hold in the OR?

How can we inspire future generations?

We are curious to hear your opinions.

Find the full program IN TEXT below:

22nd of June - 10:00-22:00

@ UMCG Groningen, PRONK

Workshops, Discussions, Demonstrations and FUN!

23rd of June - 9:00-22:00

@ DOT Groningen, University of Groningen Academy Building 

Symposium, 5K Run, Inaugural Lecture Prof Doornberg and FUN!

Find the program booklets in PDF here:


22nd of June
@ UMCG Groningen 


Boston Basics - Warm-Up

Grand Opening

It’s all about Mentorship

Prof David Ring


2009 Differences in Narcotic Pain Prescription

Before the Opioid Crisis Nobody wanted my Paper...

Dr. Anneluuk Lindenhovius

2014 Risk Factors for Continued Opioid Use

during the Opioid Crisis -BAM!- it's a JBJS Paper 

Prof David Ring

Break Out and Coffee

Workshops Innovators in Orthopedic & Trauma Surgery


Ivy League? It's ALL about Mentorship

When Orthopedic Residency does not Ignite my V8 

Like my PhD at Boston FARIL did

Dr. Noortje Hagemeijer

Pandemic: Lockdown? Stuck? ... or Free?

An Inspiring Story about a PhD without Borders

Dr. Olivier Groot

From the TOP of the Trauma World to Rock Bottom with Long COVID

Lessons for Future Generations

Drs. Marike Kokke


Shaping the Future Orthopedic Surgery Resident

Why our Profession is NOT HOT for 2023-High Potentials

Prof Marilyn Heng

Discussion Theme: 

How to make Surgery HOT for Generation Y (Millenials)

Inspiring Future Generations

Break Out and Lunch

Workshops Innovators in Orthopedic & Trauma Surgery


Just Do It

Functional Electrical Stimulation DEMO

Stimulating Spinal Cords Injury Patients to Cycle



(Way) OUT of the Ball Park...

From Ortho to Plastic

My Why, How and What

Dr. Sebastiaan Souer

Enterpreneurship in Surgery

From MD PhD to Founder and Director PATIENT+

Michiel Hageman

No Seats at the Hand Service? All Good!

Building the Surgical Oncology Research Group (SORG) - Science Factory

Dr. Stein Janssen

Iceman Surgeon


A/ Prof Geert Buijze


Discussion Theme: 

Breaking Boundaries

The Relationship between Academia, Industry, and the Clinic


The 7th Inning Stretch

Break Out and Coffee

Workshop Innovators in Orthopedic & Trauma Surgery

Parallel Workshops


Orthopedic Innovation

The Orthopedic Innovators DNA 

Have we got What it take to transform Musculoskeletal Care?

A/ Prof Prakash Jayakumar

Orthopedic and Trauma Innovations

Hand-in-Hand in 010

A/ Prof Joost Colaris & A/ Prof. Mathieu Wijffels

AI in Health Care

Building Bridges between Medicine and Computer Science

A/ Prof Jacobien Oosterhoff

Break Out & Coffee

Workshops Innovators in Orthopedic & Trauma Surgery

Data in Health Care

Zimmer Biomet

Orthopedic ánd Trauma Innovations - Hand-in-Hand in 010

A/ Prof. Joost Colaris & A/ Prof. Mathieu Wijffels

Plaster Cast of the Future


Dr. Mads Terndrup

3D in Trauma Surgery

A/ Prof Frank IJpma


Bases Loaded - Grand Slam in the 9th

Podcast NVvH "Met het Mes aan Tafel"

Podcast "De Botcast" 


The LIVE Podcast by Surgical Experts, Prof Schipper, Prof Eygendaal, Prof Verhofstad, Prof Kerkhoffs, Prof Jaarsma, Prof Jutte. Moderators: Dr Lars Brouwers and Dr. Joost Kuipers


The 10th @ PRONK

Welcome to New England

Some Liquid Spirit: New England Iced Tea

Think Thank: Academia

Boston Quiz

Think Thank: The Clinic

Beer Pong

Think Thank: The Industry


Harvard League IPA's @ 3 Sisters 

23rd of June
@ DOT Groningen


Break Out Session - Get Ready at Your Own Pace 


Traumaplatform "Run for Research" 2023 

Welcome - Traumaplatform FREE T-SHIRT

Workshops Innovators in Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery

Head of the Charles... Or not: RIO 2018

My Baby Steps to Olympic GOLD

Dr. Maaike Head

Traumaplatform to Promote Mutual Understanding

Dr. Wouter Mallee - TEAM Traumaplatform


5k Noorderplantsoen (Talking Pace)

Dr. Vincent Groen et al 

"Nout & ik in de Razende Ruimte

"What is Your Spinning Space?"

Fleur Doornberg

Principles to Produce a Well-Rounded Surgeon

Adult Learning

Prof Marilyn Heng


Break Out Session - Get Ready at Your Own Pace 


Inaugural Lecture: "Alleen Samen"

Inaugural Lecture

"Klinische Applicaties van Kunstmatige Intelligentie in de Orthopedie en Trauma Chirurgie" 

Prof Job Doornberg


The Big Treat

Reception and Rooftop Party at NOK

The Famous Dutch "Borrel", Walking Dinner & Party

About us

The term "orthopedics" arose in the 1700s. A lot has changed since. The introduction of expansive datasets and artificial intelligence has given us the opportunity to create specialized models and make better decisions. Robot surgery and Augmented Reality (AR) allow surgeons to excel in the operating theatre. 3D printing and Virtual Reality (VR) help prepare for operations and optimize the patient's experience before surgery. 

Still, that what pushes the field forward are the people. 

During the first Transatlantic Symposium of Orthopedic Innovation, we delve into these subjects. What entails a great surgeon? How can we train our future doctors? What is the role of technology in orthopedic surgery?

We kindly invite you to explore these subjects through a range of talks, debates and workshops. 

Prof Job Doornberg  

Orthopedic surgery is a highly innovative field with major opportunities for artificial intelligence to enhance surgery outcomes. Prof Doornberg has over 20 years of experience in the medical field and has seen orthopedic surgery change over time. He actively mentors the younger generation of doctors through PhD mentorship and sharing clinical expertise.  

Prof. Doornberg's specialization is Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery and his scientific hobby includes “Clinical Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery”. Working at both the Departments of Orthopaedic Surgery, as well as General Trauma Surgery, at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), Professor Doornberg specializes in fracture surgery. This entails the full spectrum: from "simple" wrist and ankle fractures to complex posttraumatic deformities.

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Symposium Board 2023

Olga Canta


Manuela Vooijs


Tom de Groot

Vice President

Willemijn Binnekamp

Event Manager


Harmen Kuijten



Femke van der Bij


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